Monday, December 12, 2011


No stranger to bass, Miami's Chino is back with a fresh sound & image.

A veteran producer & DJ, Chino's slick engineering and flawless dj sets have won over hearts & ears from Toronto to Los Angeles. His freshman productions ran the gamet of such labels as Renegade, Avalanche, New Identity and Nerve and he was a staple American artist at Metalheadz WMC events for 5+ years. No doubt Chino has put in work, and he's putting in more work and more work and his basslines are bigger, drums are cleaner, ideas fresh and edgy. It's the perfect time to re-emerge and this bass scientist has all the makings of a hero.

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Check out Chino's epic remix of Shannon Swain's "You Are"

Monday, December 5, 2011


     It's been an exiciting year for the Westbay camp. Armanni Reign and Atlantic Connection joined the major leagues working with MTV, Harmonix Games (Dance Central 2), touring, performing and making their first red carpet appearances (Woodie Awards). Submorphics flexed his sound showing the world he's no one trick- pony; His collaborations with vocalist Christina Tamayo grabbed the attention of some of the biggest DJ's in the game and his track "Step in the Spot" featuring Selfsays was one of the most supported d&b tunes this year.

     Remixes abounded from the likes of Bro Safari, Flinch, P5 Army (Mason, DStar ect.) and Smog's DLX made an appearance remixing the massive "Follow Me Now" by Armanni Reign & Noah D. That said we have an amazing end of year release for you all. It's been 5 years, yes, 5 insane, intense, fast years. To celebrate we've put together a compilation of some of our favorite Westbay releases mixed up with some brand new remixes. Spanning the now retired Westbay Recordings, Westbay International & Westbay Digital labels, "Looking Back 2 Look Forward" is our perspective retrospect, a way to celebrate where we've come from and where we're going.

"Looking Back 2 Look Forward" hits iTunes, Beatport ect. December 20th.

1. Atlantic Connection - Watchu' Know featuring Deviant
2. Spectrasoul - Someday Soon
3. Armanni Reign - Follow Me Now featuring Noah D
4. Atlantic Connection - Can't Destroy Love featuring Minds One & DJ Noumenon
5. Submorphics - Wax Poetic (Stunna Remix)
6. Flaco - Untouchables
7. Armanni Reign - Breatheback (produced by Submorphics)
8. Brooklyn - Lightyears (Submorphics Remix)
9. Shannon Swain - You Are (Chino Remix)
10. Armanni Riegn - Redux (produced by Trowa)
11. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance - Strike Back
12. Submorphics - Postmodern Soul (Stunna Remix)
13. McClain Sullivan - Our Song (produced by Atlantic Connection)
14. Christina Tamayo - Time 2 Stray (produced by Submorphics)
15. Atlantic Connection - Day Dreamers featuring McClain Sullivan
16. Random Movement - The Student
17. Submorphics - Wax Poetic (original mix)
18. Atlantic Connection - Backlog featuring Kevin King (Submorphics Remix)

    We’re excited to announce that along with the retail release, we’ve teamed up with Shapemix iPhone & iPad platform for an exclusive content collaboration including two songs from the compilation that will be available to ShapeMix users to mix & remix.

Looking Back 2 Look Forward LP
Westbay Music
In stores December 20th, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


Dance Central 2 hit the ground running, opening up at #6 on the sales chart for video games, and has been holding strong since then.  With a Metacritic score of 86, it’s not difficult to see why.  With a game this popular there’s bound to be fan videos of the dances popping up all over youtube, and Armanni Reign’s “Reach” is no exception.  Featured in level one, Harmonix created a brand new dance for this song, which can be seen in the link below being performed by a pair of robots and what seems like the world’s biggest jock burnout. 
words by David Christophe

 Grab your copy of "REACH" here

Thursday, October 20, 2011


What better way to get hyped up for tonight’s season finale of MTV’s Jersey Shore than to party Jersey Shore style with AC’s new song “Hypem”, featuring Armanni Reign. Set to be featured in tonight’s episode, “Hypem” has already hit the airwaves hard and was featured in a trailer for Footloose. You can grab a sneak peak here now, and then catch it again in tonight’s episode at 10/9C !

Posted by David Christophe

Monday, October 17, 2011


We couldn't be happier to announce that Armanni Reign's song "Reach" from his EP Off The Grid produced by Atlantic Connection has been included in the new Dance Central 2 game on Kinect by Harmonix Music Systems. Sharing the soundtrack with artists like Niki Minaj, Usher, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and more, "Reach" has been fully integrated into the game and from what we've heard, it has it's own dance. You can check the entire soundtrack here.

This is undoubtedly hard-work paying off, Manni and AC have been grinding like no other in 2011 and we're thrilled to see such large success being cultivated by these talented two. The game is scheduled for US release October 25th, and EU release October 21st. Check the trailer below!

Armanni Reign (Facebook) | (Twitter)

Atlantic Connection (Facebook) | (Twitter)

Monday, October 10, 2011


We love promoting music we enjoy, so this week we're gonna spotlight our friend Makoto's new album "Souled Out". A veteran artist, Makoto has continuously and consistently produced lush, dance floor ready music. Whether it's garage or drum and bass, Japanese native Makoto always hits the mark spot on.

His new album Souled Out as a clear example of his skill and soulful approach to music, creating a project which is both enjoyable to the ear as well as ready for a club. Collaborating with a wealth of artists "Souled Out" is a milestone in Makoto's career, an earmark and testament to his abilities.

Check out these previews then go get your copy HERE.