Sunday, November 14, 2010


Westbay Music is proud to present:

Chicago’s Westbay resident producer Submorphics releases the Post Modern Soul EP.
A collection of sublimely soulful songs Post Modern Soul EP is a snapshot of where Submorphics is and a glimpse of where he’s headed.

The EP kicks off with “Revelations”, homage to the classic Chicago sound with a fast-soul music twist. Uplifting information sets this pace; layered with reverse horns and building hats that culminate to climax as heavy subs and steady drums set us into a rolling groove.

Submorphics takes it straight to the dancefloor with the title track off his EP. “Post Modern Soul” is a testament to his love for soulful club oriented drum and bass. Tightly-programmed amen breaks drive us through the lights while auto-filtered rhode stabs, low end basslines and retro-vocals speak decades of emotion and drive.

“Can’t Understand” is one of Submorphics’ first forays into the 140s, and we’re sure glad he forayed. The sublimely sexy “Can’t Understand” is like stepping into a chic underground lounge in Brooklyn in 1968. Head-nod drums warm up the night while haunting chord progressions, sci-fi vibes, and nostalgic vocals move us into sincere basslines that heat up any rare-groove. A must have as winter approaches.

Chicago songstress Christina Tamayo makes her Westbay debut on “Don’t Remind Me”. Taking things even deeper this moody number starts us off on an empty beach. Waves gently roll ashore as Christina begins her siren-song pulling us in a direction of lucid memory. An absolutely brilliant song, “Don’t Remind Me” lights a white candle and illuminates us in the dead of night.


"Educated music for forward thinking people, Can't Understand is a personal favorite; don't sleep on this." - DJ Lee (Atlas/Metalheadz)

"Cool EP, some echoes of all the vibes that we all love about liquid funk."
- Lynx (Detailed/Soul:R)