Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Press Release via Billboard.biz

MTV Partners with Sony/ATV's Extreme Music to Promote Unsigned Artists

March 01, 2011

By Ed Christman, New York

MTV will partner with Sony/ATV's "Extreme Music" production library to market the music of unsigned artists and bands to music supervisors for commercials, television shows and movies.

The partnership, which will operate under the name HYPE, will see MTV executives identifying unsigned artists whose music might work well in MTV shows. Initially, the music will be shopped to MTV productions and then through the Extreme relationship be come a secondary offering to other music supervisors at other networks and brands.

What's more, for music that connects with music supervisors, MTV will serve as its digital distributors bringing the music to online digital retailers and other digital music service providers.
"One of the amazing things at MTV is its support for championing emerging artist and its desire to be a part of an artist's career at the beginning," said Joe Cuello, MTV's senior VP of creative music integration. "Our shows can afford to provide emerging artists with opportunities.

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