Monday, June 20, 2011


New Deceast 12’’ To Release June 27th
words by Jeff Greenfeld for Westbay Music Group

This month, Deceast is back again with a new 12’’ featuring two tracks from Deco and Linker. This release dives right down deep into new depths of minimal, soulful dubstep with clear influences from the UK’s funky garage scene.

“The dark tones and heavily delayed vocals of “Verus” touch off this debut release from Deceast label owner Decoand dubstep newcomer Linker. Densely layered percussion and prominent sub bass fill out the sonic palette while synths disappear and reappear in washes of reverb…On the flip side, “Greenthumb Funk” eschews the moody atmosphere of “Verus” in favor of bright synths and rolling drums. Inclinations of funk permeate this track to the core and the arrangement keeps listeners guessing as to what’s coming next. The breakdowns give way to soaring pads and slightly introspective melodies before coming back to the funky essence of the track.”

Grab a copy HERE or report to the nearest dancefloor; we’re gonna get down to this all summer.

DEC004 - Deceast - Deco & Linker "Verus" b/w "Greenthumb Funk" by deco