Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last fall Atlantic Connection was asked to take part in an new media project with MTV & Extreme Music. The Hype Music Project is a unique approach to new artist promotion through music placement and licensing, one of the fastest growing mediums for artist exposure.

Atlantic Connections "Hypem EP" is a hybrid mix of hip hop, dubstep & drum+bass. Featuring the vocal stylings of Armanni Reign, Tetris & Toronto's Jeff Rhodes; Atlantic Connections' Hypem EP is available today via iTunes, don't sleep, support the movement as we move into new spaces.

Atlantic Connection [BUY]
Hypem EP ( MTV / Extreme Music )
artwork by myx media

1) Hang On featuring Jeff Rhodes
2) Need 2 Know featuring Armanni Reign
3) Hypem featuring Armanni Reign
4) Touchscreen featuring Tetris

"East Coast does West Coast right, especially when were talking about Atlantic Connection. AC’s Boston roots don’t stop him from partying it up westside style. AC’s big hit “Big Shot” worked perfectly on MTV’s Jersey Shore and his other tracks included in Hype maintain the same momentum and party anthem vibe. His songs have the biggest impact with the car window down and the volume cranked to 10!"
- Rick Kimbrel

"Extreme Music have partnered with MTV to create a new platform. Hype Music.
They’re calling it a hybrid licensing partnership as it combines an old-school A&R approach to discovering & nurturing raw, new talent in the form of bands and artists and an innovative direction in finding new ways to license the music. By partnering with MTV (who also serve as distributor), all artists get a first-look consideration for placement in MTV shows and they also benefit from the reach and reputation of Extreme Music who will provide their pre-cleared songs to professional music users around the world.

So to boil it down we’re seeing a real cross-pollination between the worlds of commercial and production music. Smart move!"

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Hype Music Project