Thursday, September 22, 2011


Armanni Reign recently released SHEEESH! mixtape. A long-time-coming project, showcasing his versatility as an MC and skills as an A&R.

Media Contender ran the exclusive; and we've got the repost incase you missed it.

"One the most prolific and versatile MCs that I know is my dude Armanni Reign. Originally form Philly but now residing in Atlanta, this lyricist and crowd controller has risen leaps and bounds from his beginnings. Not only is he one of the most sought after Drum & Bass MCs touring with the crème de la crème DJs, he’s also in the lab with some of Bass Music’s finest and doesn’t allow himself to get pigeonholed into one sound.

This last year has seen release highlights from Westbay‘s Atlantic Connection; a current charting track on Beatport entitled Suicide Pill with Mark Instinct; Dubstep and Moombahton tunes with Trowa; his own Off The Grid EP; and quality collaborations with Kastle. The funny thing is, with the amount of styles I’ve heard Armanni take on, I still don’t even think we’ve heard what he’s fully capable of. Unreal freestyle, properly placed cadence and variable pace with ease; I rate Armanni among the best and hope that he is soon pushed into absolute superstardom. He deserves it.

The SHEESH! Mixtape represents a glimpse of the music he’s into and involved in, with a wide enough variety that you’ll understand what I’ve been getting at. We had a sit down with Armanni to gain his perspective on what the music life’s like for him." - Media Contender

Click here to read the interview & download the mix